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Credit Factory is a system created to automate making of the credit decisions for an individual borrower from the moment the client applies until the moment a loan is issued according to the product.
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The system solves the following issues:
  • Setting up loan products
  • Decision support
  • Scoring
  • Stop factor
  • Shorter decision-making time
  • Algorithms and routes of verification
  • Templates of documents and messages
  • Reporting, statistics and business analytics
  • Access control and system administration
  • Maximum automation of manual processes of bank employees or financial companies
  • Versatility of integration with both external and internal systems
  • Risks of knowledge transfer during the rotation of employees (the system has an intuitive user interface, it will not be difficult for a new employee to quickly figure out and start working with the system)
  • Stress resistance (withstands heavy loads)
  • Compliance with modern information security standards
Now the "Credit Factory" processes about 5000 applications per day.
On the average, 3-4 thousand users can work in the system at one time.
This system makes it possible to comprehensively automate the factoring business of commercial / state banks and financial companies.
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System capabilities:
  • Pre-contractual work
  • Maintaining factoring contracts, additional agreements
  • Management of invoices and paid advances on them
  • Controlling business rules and funding limits
  • Control over maturity
  • Accrual of income, commissions
  • Administration
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Application of EDS
Software for automating the process of issuing and servicing payment cards.
The system covers the entire cycle of work with payment cards.
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System capabilities:
  • Issuing a card in any currency
  • Choice of card product
  • Issue of an additional card
  • Card renewal / reissue
  • Card blocking / unblocking
  • Closing the card
  • Change of card product
  • Removing a card
  • Card activation
And much more that a financial institution faces in the process of issuing and servicing payment cards.

This is an industrial-scale software solution, which, as experience and practice show, successfully works with a large number of users, currently in the thousands, and cards issued in the millions. In addition, Cardmanagement system includes a module for the logistics of cards and PIN envelopes, with the help of which the accounting of blanks of personalized and other payment cards is automated from the stage of receipt of applications for production to the moment the finished payment cards are sent to the points of issue.
A program that implements the process of automating the work with overdue debts of banks, financial institutions, collection companies, housing and communal services and institutions with debtors-individuals.
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System capabilities:
  • Maintaining the debtor's database
  • Carrying out work with debts
  • Sending SMS, letters, auto-dialing
  • Interaction with databases
  • Litigation and enforcement proceedings
This system is aimed at automating the processes of general document flow, increasing their transparency and controllability. The solution helps to reduce the cost of processing documents and information retrieval, improve the quality of management decisions and the level of executive discipline.
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System capabilities:
  • Processing of incoming correspondence
  • Processing requests
  • Coordination of financial documents
  • Preparation of outgoing and internal documents
  • Monitoring the execution of orders
  • Preparation, conclusion and control of the execution of contracts
  • Conducting meetings and sessions
  • Collegial voting
  • Application of EDS
  • Electronic archive
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We develop intuitive and attractive user interfaces for iOS, Android as well as cross-platform solutions, combined with the highest trends and the latest technologies.
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System capabilities:
  • Mobile banking
  • Mobile applications for Retail
  • Bonus programs
  • Table reservation
  • Custom services
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