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Timeline of our company

Development of an electronic voting system that allows automating the process of preparing and carrying out the work of the Collegial Body. The solution provides automatic formation of the agenda of the meeting, distribution of invitations to the meeting, electronic voting on agenda items, automatic generation of the minutes following the meeting, distribution of instructions based on the minutes and control over their execution.
The company begins to develop and implement a multifunctional mobile platform that allows users to make purchases and payments in one click, without queues, cashiers and cashiers.
The general agreement on partnership with the international payment system VISA was signed.
Ukr.Pay becomes a member of Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies.
Ukr.Pay became the winner of the tender announced by PJSC Ukrgasbank for the supply and implementation of Smartbank UP mobile banking.
Ukr.Pay has launched new products for JSC Oschadbank, Kartka Kiyanina and Kartka Shkolyara, based on the Cardmanagement software solution.
Implementation, jointly with Oschadbank JSC, of the Credit Factory system, which automates the process of making a credit decision on a borrower. Implementation of the project for the logistics of cards and PIN envelopes for Oschadbank JSC.
Audit of automated information systems and information technologies of "Ukrgasbank" PJSC.
Implementation of the project in "Oschadbank" JSС on the formation of statistical reports on transactions using bank payment cards. Implementation of the Nimbus computer program (Internet banking for individuals and legal entities) in Finance Bank PJSC. Development of the Fido Mobile Banking software package for Fidobank PJSC. Implementation of the Cardmanagement computer program at the National Bank of Ukraine.
Implementation of the Cardmanagement computer program at Oschadbank JSC.
Implementation of the project in "Terra Bank" PJSC for the implementation of the Nimbus computer program (Internet banking for individuals and legal entities), which includes a loan application, a decision-making subsystem, scoring.
Ukr.Pay has created projects for the implementation of the Factoring system in the commercial bank MTB Bank, as well as in the factoring company Factoring Finance. The company gains extensive experience in integrating with automated banking systems and accounting systems.
Development of a customized solution for the automated management system for factoring bank "Factoring" for "Ukrsotsbank" PJSC.
Signing of a partnership agreement with Oracle, implementation of the project of an integrated automated management and accounting system for factoring operations "Factoring" Factoring Finance LLC.
Implementation of the project "Automation system for managing factoring activities of a multi-branch bank" in "Credit Agricole Bank" JSC and "Ukrsotsbank" PJSC + implementation of the project for remote issuance and servicing of international payment cards CardMake in "Ukrsotsbank" PJSC.
The official date of foundation of Ukr.Pay
is March 27, 2006.
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