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Презентация УкрПей

Company « Ukr.Pey » has more than 10 years of experience in the field of IT- technologies for the financial sector and is a professional developer of software applications for financial institutions.

The company’s specialists « Ukr.Pey » have many years of experience in the design , implementation and support of software products for financial institutions. The combination of the unique capabilities of architectural solutions of systems of «Ukr.Pey» and benefits technology solutions Oracle provides a secure foundation for the development of banking services in the areas of lending , Internet self-service and the provision of services for plastic cards.

Line of software development products «Ukr.Pey» based on platforms that provide industrial centralized solution , and is a specialized functional systems to ensure efficient business processes in financial institutions . This system of a high technological level , designed and developed by a team of experienced professionals in strict accordance with the requirements of legislation and industry standards.


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Presentation UkrPey

Presentation UkrPey

Presentation UkrPey